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In the early 1950’s, the import trade is liberated and therefore Greece is gradually entering the economic growth which culminates during the next decades.

With the improved standard of living and the constant increase of the demand for meat, consumption cannot be covered by local meat providers and imports from neighboring countries. Therefore, by mid 1960’s, frozen meat enters our lives and its demand rapidly increases because of its high quality and low price.

Under these circumstances, a team of prestigious Agents’ offices dedicated to the continuous search for quality products from various countries of origin is created, such as the offices of the memorable Karyotoglou, Kantartzis, Valtazanoagents and others. They become the “nurseries” from which new commercial agents spring and are today successfully activated in this area. Framed by more colleagues, they create in 1975 the “Panhellenic Meat Agents’ Association” that counts 21 founding members.

The entrance of Greece in the EEC (European Economic Community) in 1981 completely changes the scenery, as the imports from third countries (except New Zealand and Australia) are subject to import duties that make them prohibitive. Thus, imports become possible only by EEC countries and the demand of imported meat, which is now cheaper, increases in an impressively fast pace.

Meat imports in Greece currently surpassing 400.000 tons on a yearly basis, for bovine, pork, poultry meat and game mostly form European Union but also from third countries, as imports with special permissions are now allowed. According to our data, more than 70% of the imported quantities of meat are moved through the members of the “Panhellenic Meat Agents’ Association”, which is indicative of the potential of our profession and our significant role on the meat trade. It should also be underlined that during the last few years the commercial agents contribute decisively to the exports of Greek lambs in European countries.

The “Panhellenic Meat Agents’ Association”, reaching 50 years of presence in the Greek market, counts 25 members and its role in the domain of meat imports is essential and undeniable. The commercial agent secures the suppliers that he represents as well as supports the interests of creditworthy importers in terms of quality, price and payment agreements. Therefore, he ensures the excellent quality and proper price of the imported meat that reaches the Greek consumer. The greatest success of the commercial agent is to enjoy the trust and the respect both of the foreign suppliers that he represents and his Greek customers.


The greatest success of a commercial agent is to enjoy the trust and the respect both of the foreign suppliers that he represents and his Greek customers.





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