General Assembly of 2015

On Thursday 26/3/2015, the 19th General Assembly of the Panhellenic Meat Agents’ Association was held.


The accountability of the former Board as well as elections for the new administration took place and an exchange of views was made concerning the extroversion of the Association and the reinforcement of its presence both in the Greek market as well as with the foreign suppliers through various actions, among which the creation of its official website.

The composition of the new Board is the following:

President Arghyriou George, Vice-President Pirpiris Christos, Secretary Mersinias Konstantinos, Treasurer Pantazis Charalambos, Member Vamvouris Konstantinos. The new Board’s priority is the organization and application of all which was decided in the General Assembly with the purpose of reinforcing and highlighting the role of the Commercial Agent.


General Assembly of 2014

On Wednesday 19 March 2014, the General Assembly of the Panhellenic Meat Agents’ Association was held in the Athens Ledra Hotel.


On the occasion of the Assembly, we proclaimed Mr Sotiris Nafpliotis as honorary President and we awarded him with an honorary plaque as recognition for his multiannual contribution to our Association.